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Pre vs Post Staining

As many of you may or may not be aware, there has been a growing trend for fence companies wanting to sell you a pre-stained fence. While this is a good "idea", is it really a good decision on your part? Pre-staining is a new trend while post staining has been done successfully for decades. In this section, we will explore the pros and cons of pre-staining versus waiting to stain the cedar professionally.

The concept of pre-staining brings up several appealing points of which this will attempt to outline. The most common point companies bring up is that by pre-staining, all the surfaces of the wood are evenly covered by stain, and you won't have a mess all over your yard and decking by having to spray stain. Another point raised is that it's included in the price, thus not having to pay a separate charge for staining.

While we offer both pre- and post-staining processes, we want to convey to you the expert opinions we share from many years working in this industry and related industries. Our 2 owners come from different backgrounds, and both having unique and practical insight. One comes from 18 years of successfully designing and constructing outdoor structures made of cedar and redwood. The other is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Engineering Technology followed by 10 years of selling solvents and chemicals to the paint and coatings industry nationwide, as well as 13 years of selling high-end specialty coatings and 6 years of outdoor construction. In both of their backgrounds, they have seen people successfully and safely spray-apply stain to cedar structures. This is an old, established, and proven process providing known long-term results.

Pre and Post Staining Everyone in the industry knows for a fact that applying stain to wood that has been allowed to dry naturally for 1 to 3 months provides the best results, due to the wood acting as a sponge to absorb the maximum amount of stain possible. Pre-staining cannot claim this as the wood has not been allowed to dry, thus excessive natural moisture content will not allow the stain to absorb. Oil and water do not mix, period. Pre-stained fences do not maintain stain half as long as professionally stained fences on average. We're talking 1 to 2 years for pre-stained and 3 to 5 years for post-stained. Do you want to pay for pre-stained wood and then pay full price to have it spray-applied 2 years later? Economics and common sense say no.

Another disadvantage of pre-stained cedar is the fact that construction crews cannot see the flaws in the wood that are going to crack wide open in 30 to 60 days, nor the soft knots in the wood. Pre-staining disguises bad wood. At North Dallas Fence & Arbor, we literally pick through the wood, not using any wood that will be defective in a couple of months, thus leaving you unhappy with your fence, arbor, or deck. You want to see what you pay for and make sure you are getting the quality of materials you are being told you are getting. Our goal is to eliminate "go backs," which are costly and unnecessary by building with raw cedar and staining when appropriate. We do the job right, period.

One last problem with pre-stained cedar is finding the stain to match when you need it down the road. We use a well-known, solvent-based paraffin stain that has been manufactured locally for approximately 20 years. We can tell you where to get the stain at a later date to match what you have on your fence now. With a pre-stained fence, what stain did they use? How long have they been using that stain? What's the 20-year history of the stain they use? Can you find it or is it made out of town or out of state and you have no clue what to do? Pre and Post Staining

In summary, it is clear to see that we very strongly recommend having your fence or structure built, let it dry for 1 to 3 months, and have it professionally stained. Professional staining companies have been covering pools and concrete when necessary and hand-applying near homes as needed for decades. As for covering all the surfaces of a board-on-board fence, let us ask you this question: do you think it was pre-staining that has made all those 25-year-old, cedar-board-on-board fences in some areas of Dallas last that long? "No" is the answer, plain and simple. Make the right decision and pay for staining once in 5 years, not twice. But it's your money, we just hope you use it wisely.

You can count on North Dallas Fence & Arbor, a reliable professional for all your needs. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free estimate, feel free to contact North Dallas Fence & Arbor at 972-201-4313. And for your convenience, you may also request services from this site.

Thank you for your interest in North Dallas Fence & Arbor. We look forward to serving you in the near future!
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